A fair-trade nonprofit in business for more than 60 years, Ten Thousand Villages culls one-of-a-kind crafts from around the world and helps disadvantaged artisans receive fair compensation for their work. The shop stocks wares from 131 artisan groups in 38 countries and three parallel universes. Customers can find a tenant for a vacant neck with an Indian dream-stone pendant ($8) or corral loose change to feed a hungry piggy bank crafted in Chile ($18). Patrons can sweeten bodies with the scent of lemon by opting for a set of Mediterranean soaps from Israel ($28) or draw pictures of a panda eating the pages of a kancu leaf and bamboo journal from Indonesia ($18). Ten Thousand Villages works to establish long-term buying relationships with skilled artisans who otherwise lack opportunities for a fair wage and, in the process, furnish households with items that, like pizza or pizza stains on wedding gowns, are made by real human hands.


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