Tempe Paintball


Tempe Paintball lets polychromatic combatants sling pigment in any weather, supplying 12,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor fields. Players with all-day admission (up to a $24 value) can engage in colorful conflicts from open to close, ducking behind barrels, dodging whizzing paintballs, and diving into derelict buildings during public games moderated by referees. Keep your trigger finger limber while sneaking through a maze of rooms, or test your sniping skill by sighting an opponent at the end of long hall, readying your gun, and knocking the apple off his or her head. To keep action family-friendly, Tempe Paintball limits shot velocity to 220 feet per second and lets players shoot no more than 15 paintballs per second, though patrons may hand-toss as many as they'd like.


1401 S McClintock Dr
Tempe, ARIZONA 85281
United States

Fax: (480) 966-1900

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