Magic City Ballroom Dance Studio


Magic City Ballroom Dance Studio's experienced instructional feet ignite the dance floor with group lessons, personal instruction, and social practice parties for dancers of all skill levels. Fifty-minute group classes flex dancing skills on Thursday and Friday nights, instructing hips in a variety of dance forms including salsa, tango, waltz, and swing. Alternatively, the private lesson package offers guidance as personalized as a life coach who has studied your genome, with two 30-minute private lessons to hone a selection of dance skills before group lessons expand on them in a room full of like-footed students. Dance odysseys conclude with practice parties, which allow students to bounce new moves off of real-life partners instead of perturbed labradors.


1425 Montgomery Hwy., Suite 81
Vestavia Hills, ALABAMA 35216
United States

Fax: (205) 979-5503

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(205) 979-5503

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