Bites of minced pork and shrimp in four steamed dumplings ($6.95) warm up jaws before they crunch through the crispy basil duck, which ineffectively camouflages itself among sautéed snow peas and rich basil-garlic sauce ($17.95). Tiger prawns pounce on quivering organic spinach fettuccine in the warm pools of panang curry found in the curry prawn pasta ($16.95), and the fried-lobster panang immerses an 8-ounce lobster tail in tempura batter and then double-dunks it in panang curry sauce, much as a schoolyard bully dunks his victim's head in a bucket of shampoo and then conditioner ($25.95). A beer and wine list with more than 100 bottled drinks soothes spice-saturated tongues with smooth brews from Thailand ($4.50–$5) as well as fine wines extracted from the pulsing grape at the Earth's core.


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