Las Vegas Rock Crawlers


Las Vegas Rock Crawlers' fleet of Jeep Wrangler 4x4s zooms adventure seekers across the rugged trails, gravity-defying curves, and bulging boulders of scenic Nellis Sand Dunes. Tour guides pick up pedal pushers and up to three additional passengers at the Excalibur hotel, where they'll hop into the driver's seat of their own 4x4 for a three-hour adrenaline-rousing romp through sandy hills, gravelly pits, and deep existential chasms. The sand dunes and gravel pits of Apex Nellis branch out in a latticework of trails, spanning mild courses for casual cruisers and wild dips, curves, and figure-9s for advanced adventurers. High-flying, open-aired four-wheelers howl victoriously as 35- or 37-inch lifted tires strong-arm foreboding boulders, or elicit war cries as they charge through steep drop-offs and overtake sharp inclines. While today's Groupon is valid only for two-door Jeep Wranglers, customers can upgrade to four-door vehicles for an additional fee.


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Las Vegas, NEVADA 89109
United States

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