Juliettes Bakery


The seasoned chefs at Juliette's Bakery keep a tempting roundup of cookies, cakes, and pastries in their sunny storefront, homegrown from fresh, often organic ingredients. The cookie varietals, like the political beliefs of the Franklin Pierce Fan Club, change on a daily basis, but popular dough disks include snickerdoodle, tuscan almond biscotti, and oatmeal cranberry ($10/lb.). Customers can also stock picnic-blanket bundles with a fruit danish ($2.50) or hearty whole-grain blueberry muffin ($2), or devour their selection in the shop with a mug of fresh-brewed Gaviña coffee ($1.50). Additionally, sugar enthusiasts can show the world they've moved on after the southward migration of ice-cream-truck herds by divvying up one of Juliette's eye-entrancing cakes.


46480 Washington St., Suite 1
La Quinta, CALIFORNIA 92253
United States

Fax: (760) 777-1500

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(760) 777-1500

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