Eagerly anticipated in 7x7, Joseph Manzare’s sushi and tequila bar combines the chef and restaurateur’s love of Japan and the Mexican highlands in an eclectic, informal setting. Culinary artistes sculpt a menu full of delicate nigiri ($3–$5/piece) and intricate rolls ($5–7/piece) behind a thick wooden sushi bar modeled after those visited by Manzare in his Tokyo travels. Sample a plate of himalayan hamachi ($14)—hamachi suffused with lemon oil and garnished with candied jalapeños—or ask about the restaurant’s negi hamachi makimono roll ($7), which wears its scallions on its sleeve to conceal a tender interior of yellowtail and a secret passion for modern dance. American Wagyu beef tri-tip skewers ($8 each) cook to succulent perfection on the restaurant’s traditional Japanese charcoal grill.


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