GrubCrawl USA’s cuisine connoisseurs lead customers on meticulously plotted culinary journeys marked by free appetizers, discounted drinks, and fellowship with other foodies. Their inaugural Oakland offering shines its spotlight on a smorgasbord of four downtown destinations: Z Café & Bar, Vo's Restaurant, Ozumo, and 3000 Broadway. Each stop lasts approximately one hour, offering ample opportunity to eat up and drink in each establishment’s most dynamic elements, be it Ozumo’s sleek, modern décor or Z Café & Bar’s skillful bartenders, who tame wild martini glasses with deft mixing techniques. Each dinner destination serves appetizers preselected from their menu and a list of edible banned novels, offering discounted libations with which to wash down their wares. GrubCrawl USA’s crawls draw a diverse crowd of foodies from all walks of life that commiserate as they stroll from hot spot to hot spot, exchanging lists of favorite foods and chef trading cards along the way.


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