Dinner by Design


Dinner by Design's chefs raise each dish from scratch, concocting a monthly menu of nutritional, freezer-ready family meals for quick preparation. Storable containers reveal succulent fare such as the peach-daiquiri bacon-wrapped pork fillets, marinated in rum and swathed in a sweet peach sauce, as well as exotic dishes such as the yogurt- and spice-suffused Bombay chicken with lemon couscous. Entice children to the table with a hearty casserole of cheesy smashed potatoes and a sun-dried-tomato-pesto couscous that is delightful both hot and cold, much like Schrödinger's coffee. Fridge-fetched fare isn't just for evening hours, as cheese-laden helpings of the Country breakfast casserole invigorate awakening stomachs.


7248 W 191st St.
Tinley Park, ILLINOIS 60487
United States

Fax: (815) 464-1114

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(815) 464-1114

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