The waterless wash techs at Continental Dry Cleaners gussy up garments with eco-safe, perc-free cleaning solutions. Professional tailor Stepan Yagubyan draws on more than 20 years of experience to remove tenacious stains from blouses ($3.50) and dress shirts ($2.75+). Yagubyan’s tenure has made him a deft delouser for all types of textiles, including traditional dresses ($7.25+), suits ($7.75+), and lab coats stained with tomato sauce during experiments in dating ($5.25). Continental keeps homes looking their best by de-griming pillows ($6.50) and cleaning behind the ears of sofa covers ($8). Customers may schedule complimentary drop-offs and pickups within 11 cities so that they don't have to send their clothes in via fax machine.


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