Chicago Botanic Garden


Emerge from the shadows of forests of skyscrapers and tangles of telephone vines with a sunlit stroll through the Chicago Botanic Garden’s 24 display gardens and four natural habitats surrounded by lakes. A parking lot just steps from the entrance stables mechanical steeds and strictly prevents them from boredly munching on rare flowers while groups dismount to fawn over the flora at one of the country’s most visited public gardens. Warm weather and abundant rains have led the garden’s world-renowned plant collections to bloom into a cornucopia of tropical colors, from the deep fuchsias of butterfly bushes in the Crescent and Circle Gardens to the soft pinks of wild bergamots lining the paths of the Lavin Plant Evaluation Garden.


1000 Lake Cook Rd.
Glencoe, ILLINOIS 60022
United States

Fax: (847) 835-5440

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(847) 835-5440

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