Amapola Rico Taco's staff has stuffed sumptuous ingredients into the burritos, tacos, and tostadas that star on its full menu of authentic Mexican cuisine. Burritos come in more than a dozen Enneagram types, including the chicharrón burrito ($4.95), chock-full of pork skins, and the grande veggie burrito ($6.40), which heaps together crisp lettuce and tomato with gooey cheese, beans, and rice. While soft tacos' inner beauty manifests in the form of traditional Mexican meat concoctions such as lengua ($1.60) and tripas ($2.10), crispy tacos hold precious chicken, ground-beef, or shredded-beef cargo loads ($2.10). Vegetarians can opt for the bean tostada dinner ($4.95), and meat lovers can tackle the hearty birria dinner ($7.25), a traditional Mexican meat stew that dates back to the Cretaceous Period.


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