™ Affiliate Program FAQs:

  1. How much will it cost for me to join?
    It is COMPLETELY free to join!  And it is fast and easy!
  2. How and when can I start?
    You can start as soon as you like. You can start right now.  To begin, you must fill out the online registration.  Once you have submitted it, you should receive an email from Commission Junction ( containing your login information.  When your website it approved, you will then receive you first official Affiliate Member email. 
  3. How do I know if my website will qualify?
    In general, most web site offering family-friendly services and content can qualify for the Affiliate Program.  Albeit, we do reserve the right to deny applicants whose site we deem inappropriate or inconsistent with the™ image. For specific and automatic rejection reasons, please click here.
  4. How does the commission structure work?  Is there a cap on my earnings?
    You will earn a commission of 20% on all of the sales that were directed to our site from the link on yours.  There is not a cap on the amount that you can receive in commission.  The sky’s the limit.
  5. How and when can I expect to be paid?
    Participants in the Affiliate Program that are located within the United States and Canada can receive payment either by check or direct deposit.  The payments will be processed by the Commission Junction ( on the 20th of every month.   If you have cumulated a commission of less than $25.0m0, the payment will be held until you have reached the $25.00 minimum.
  6. What happens to my commission if the product is returned?
    If the product is returned or credit is given back, the commission will be debited from your commission account.
  7. How can I keep track of my commissions?
    You can always log into your Commission Junction ( account, as they offer free online reporting tools that you can use to records and note commissions.
  8. Where do I get the link for the Affiliate Program?
    The appropriate links are available from the Commission Junction ( web site.  There will be a banner and a text link to choose from. Just log on to your account and:
    1. Go to “Get Links”
    2. Find the appropriate™ in the search box
    3. Go to “View Links”
    4. Choose the link and click to the right on the “Get HTML”
    5. Copy the HTML code and paste into your site in the appropriate space
  9. Do I need to have any technical skills to participate in the Affiliate Program?
    The Affiliate Program requires that the affiliate be able to cut, copy and paste HTML within their own web site.
  10. Does™ use a 3rd Party Affiliate Network?
    Yes,™ is considered the advertiser within the Commission Junction (  When applying for the™ Affiliate Program, you will also be signing up for the affiliate account with Commission Junction.
  11. Does being a part of the™ Affiliate Program entitle me to any discounts on products or special benefits?
    Yes, there will be special specific sales for affiliate members.  To receive notifications of these events, please ensure that you are signed up to received emails through Commission Junction.  Log into your account and go to the advertiser detail page (specifically™) and check to receive email and update (save) settings.
  12. Can visitors search for a domain name from my site?
    Yes, they can with the advanced links in Commission Junction.  If the visitor types the domain they are looking for into your search banner, they will be directed to the™ site.
  13. If I forget my Commission Junction password how can I re-set it or get a new one issued?
    There is a password assistance page within Commission Junction (  However, if more assistance is needed to log on, you can contact Commission Junction via phone at 1-800-761-1072.
  14. How can I get in contact with™ team?
    Staffing is available at  Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.
  15. Sign up for our Affiliate Program.